Pocket Listings

Sometimes Sellers are interested in selling but don’t necessarily want their homes listed on the open market in the MLS.   They may want to test the waters, or they prefer that their home is only shown to a select group of qualified Buyers.  In these circumstances, the home can be listed as a “pocket” where it’s primarily marketed to other agents who will show it if they have a buyer for it.  We have sold a number of homes this way.   You can still achieve great results but you don’t have the full benefit of the full exposure the MLS provides.   When selling your home as a pocket, you still sign a listing agreement (you may choose something shorter than the standard 6 months).   The home should be professionally photographed and a web site should be designed which can be shared within the agent community and ultimately to Buyers who it might work for.

To be successful selling your home as a pocket, you’ll need to have a clear understanding of current market value and select a price that makes sense.  Many times homes that are initially marketed as a pocket are eventually listed in the MLS.

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